September 25th, 2016 Duco Winterwerp

Hobby projects

A URL shortener written using JavaScript. It has a very easy management interface and can be used for public or private URL shorteners.
A simple, open source, Markdown enabled piece of note taking software, written in Node.js.
An Android app of the famous Picross (or Nonogram) puzzle. The app is created with Apache Cordova.
WordPress Post To Twitter
A WordPress plugin which lets you post your latest work to Twitter. client for Windows
A small client which resides in your task bar.
A simple tool, written for Windows, which takes a screenshot once in a chosen interval, and saves it to your specified directory. Very handy if you would like to know what you exactly did 5 days ago at a specific time, for example.
A simple but nice system tray command runner for Windows.
A nice local web server written for Windows. Good for testing your HTML applications.
Budgetkar is a Dutch trailer rental company. The website is written using ASP.NET. Customers can make a booking and there is a backend for the administrators. The Android app is built using Apache Cordova.