September 25th, 2016 Duco Winterwerp

Duco Winterwerp

Nationality: Dutch
Driving license: yes (car + trailer)
E-mail address:

Date: 12 december 2015

Duco is experienced in development with C#/.NET. He’s made several web and mobile applications using ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Windows Communication Foundation, Xamarin, JavaScript and SharePoint.

Duco is a hard worker and quickly learns new skills. He works well under high pressure and takes the work seriously. He prefers working on projects using Scrum; the focus on delivering working software attracts him.

Duco got his bachelor Computer Science on the Hanzehogechool Groningen and majored in Software Engineering.

Duco has done a series of trainings for further specialization in .NET (the Quintor .NET masterclass) in sprint 2015. These subjects have been taught: Angular.js, Dependency Injection, Entity Framework, Unit testing, REST, Continuous Integration and front and backend .NET technologies.

Educations and trainings


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Application servers


Operating systems

Working experience

KPN Innovations (for Quintor) (august 2016-now)

At this company (one of the largest telecom providers in the Netherlands), Duco is a .NET developer in the Identity & Provisioning team (ID&P) (Scrum team). The team is responsible for building internal web services with which new accounts and new services can be added for customers.

Used technologies

VCD (for Quintor) (2015-july 2016)

At this company, Duco was building a health insurance application in one of the two agile Scrum teams.

Used technologies

Quintor (2015-now)

Duco is a .NET developer at Quintor, working with technologies like C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, Xamarin, Android, iOS, WPF, MySQL, SQL Server etc.

Cogas, Enexis & Oasen (for Quintor) (2015-now)

The developed server applications and apps enable mechanics to see their assignments for that day. An assignment can, for example be, replacing an existing gas meter. When an assignment is done, it is sent back to the server application developed by Quintor and later sent back to the respective back office system.

Used technologies

British American Tobacco (BAT) (for Quintor) (2015-now)

For BAT, we developed a server application and an Android (Xamarin) app. The app enables the factory workers to do observations.

Used technologies

CJIB (Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau) (for Quintor) (2015)

For the CJIB, we’ve built a demo app for the Berichtenbox (message box). This is a service in The Netherlands that enables government offices to send digital messages to all citizens. Right now, the message box is still a website. We’ve built a proof of concept iPad app.

Used technologies

theFactor.e (2013-2014)

At theFactor.e, Duco worked as service developer, mainly maintaining custom SharePoint applications.

Used technologies

Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt (2013-now)

At first, this was my bachelor thesis. Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt is a small Dutch startup that created a jobs site. The site didn’t have a management dashboard yet. My assignment was to create this management dashboard and a few accompanying services for sending e-mails, deleting old jobs etc. I’m still involved at this company, for fixing small things on the website.

Used technologies

enerGQ (2011-2012)

At this company, I was an intern. I developed the company’s website using a CMS which proved to be the best at the moment: WordPress.

Used technologies

Budgetkar (2009-now)

Budgetkar is a company which rents trailers. For this company, I’ve built and maintain the application, where people can rent a trailer and admins can view and update the planning. The original site was written using PHP and the Yii framework, but is now rebuilt using ASP.NET MVC. There is also an app for this website, written using Apache Cordova.

Used technologies