Ultimate electronic music list

September 25th, 2016 Duco Winterwerp music electronic list

Welcome to the list of my ultimate electronic songs! Everything can be put on this list, as long as the song is primarily made using computers and/or synthesizers. This contains mostly my favourites, but you can suggest songs as well. If you have favourite electronic songs, leave them in the comments section! I started this list some 5 years ago as a simple .txt file, but grew considerably through the years. A while ago, I've added YouTube links to every song, maybe I'll also add the years (and maybe labels) to the songs.

This list is updated very frequently (almost every day).

Progressive trance / house

Euro trance

Classic trance

Goa / Psy

Funky / deep house

Euro house

Classic house

Electro house

Techno / acid

Rave / Hardcore


Jungle / Drum 'n Bass

New wave / Synthesizer